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Private Equity

Capital raising for private companies is not new, but with the advancement of technology and the JOBS Act, we have seen a democratisation of Capital Markets and investing.

Growing your business without sufficient capital is almost impossible. At some point in the business cycle, business owners will probably have to face the challenge of raising capital to fund their growth and reach their full potential.

Forming a strong capital structure and bringing on the right equity partners can help set up your business to succeed and reach its full potential. With the right funding, you can add critical resources, implement systems, develop tech, increase marketing and source new talent for your organization.

Having the capability to hit your milestones early and fast track results, provides a powerful lever for the future and further funding.

At FUNDSITION, we focus on the expansion or growth stage.
This is an illustrative example.


Some examples include:

  • New business and growth initiatives
  • Product development and extension
  • Distribution development and extension
  • Acquisition and expansion into new geographic markets
  • Assets that will drive up valuation of the enterprise
  • Team growth and increase headcount
  • Marketing
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